by Jay Petrone

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released November 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Jay Petrone Dublin, Ireland

Jay Petrone is a funny musician and storyteller from Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

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Track Name: Tim Tebow
You were born in the Philippines, 15 days before me
Not that... not that I was born in the Philippines
BUT I was born a baker's fortnight after Tim Tebow
And our lives, they mirrored each other, as we growed
You went to Florida State
Won the Heisman Trophy
I also had lots of fun in College
You kept your virginity due to your faith
I kept my virginity mostly because girls are very scary
But you flew too close to the sun
by how quickly you won
and the machine tried to paint you as some sort of bum
Well they can pretend they don't want a, playoff winning Q-Back
some folks give up hope but I'll never friggin do that and so

I still believe in you Tim Tebow
yes I do
Together we can make it on our own

I want to know how high does it go
the conspiracy to blackball Tim Tebow
Roger Goodell must have money in escrow for any boob who will get on the tube and lie that you can't throw
and it makes me sick to my rumbly tum-tum
how much they laugh and mock us for our convictions
like yours that you'll make G-d frown if you take a girl to bone-town
and mine that

I still believe in you Tim Tebow
(as a viable NFL quarterback)
Together we can make it on our own- oh yes we can

Alright lets take it down now. Repeat after me: Bring back Tebow!
(Bring back Tebow!)
yea,yea,yea,yea,yea,yea Bring back Tebow!
(Bring back Tebow!)
Let them hear you! Bring back Tebow!
(Bring back Tebow!)
One more time now Bring back Tebow!
(Bring back Tebow!)

Because we still believe in you Tim Tebow!
(And we're all willing to die for you)
We're gonna take up arms in your name- oh yes we will!

TebowNation is readying for open & bloody civil war
You're either with Tim or you're against Tim
We call for the complete dissolution of the so-called "American Government"
And the starting Q-back spot on the Jaguars
Helen is taking applications in the lobby
you must be at least 15 years or older, no purchase necessary
We are only accepting virgins at this time

We'll meet at Tim's house in Jacksonville
Snack will be provided- BYO Evangelical Bible
First item will be setting ground rules on virginity:
I say doing it with a consenting adult's ear pressed to his shoulder
should not count as sex... but i'm willing to hear arguments
Because we still believe in you Tim Tebooooow!